Friday, 14 March 2008


What is it with lolcats?

I think I've well and truly missed the boat with this particular internet phenomenon, whereby people caption pictures of cats doing stuff, using nothing but 'lolspeak'.

These fuzzy bastards have been turning up all over the web, like some kind of whiskered virus. Hell, even The Observer recently declared icanhazcheeseburger - the site which coughs up these pictures like a cat would a furball - as being one of the 50 most powerful blogs on the web.

Christ on a donkey.

Therefore, I have decided that spending hours trying to write lengthy stories about drunken aristocrats and stupid celebrities is a complete and utter waste of my time, when I could be coining it in for doing nothing more than sticking a few words on a picture.

I have seen the future, and it is furry.

So, using the formula that acronym + animal = internet infamy, may I present to you my latest creation:


RIPdogs feature pictures of dead dogs, accompanied by two simple captions; one detailing the deceased dog's name and life-span, and one explaining how the canine came to be expired - with HILARIOUS results!

I tell you, it'll be the internet phenomenon to end all internet phenomenons.


Man, I can almost hear the thunder of approaching visitors and money-hungry advertisers.

Go on - try it yourself!

- Fanton.

In less than 24 hours after launching this latest viral phenomenon, fresh RIPdogs have appeared on the frankly excellent neOnbubble site.

I salute Mark Hooper for his good work, and urge EVERYONE ELSE to now go forth and make their own RIPdogs, so that they may clog up the virtual super-highway like a ten-lane lorry spill. Get to it, my lovelies!

(DISCLAIMER: No dogs were actually harmed in the making of this web sensation. All images are actually of dogs sleeping, obtained from stock.xchang. So please do not mourn them. Yet.)


Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

My ex wife: bitch!


Fanton said...

Was your ex a dead dog?

Mark said...

Excellent. Consider yourself plugged (not gay) and blatantly copied.

More RIPdogs

Manictastic said...

Those poor dogs. I wonder how keeps taking pictures of them, honestly, that's sick :d

GorillaSushi said...

You've unwittingly just created a new industry - the dead dog supply and warehouse business. I'm going to start my own franchise from my basement but I'm hoping to grow it into a multi-national company, supplying dead dogs for the world's captioning needs!

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

"Was your ex a dead dog?" Fanton.

When I first met her, she was just a bitch in heat. When I left her, she was an over-aggressive rottweiler that had to be put down.

She now undoubtedly exists in Doggy Hell.


Fanton said...

Hello, all!

Mark, congratulations! You have hopped on the RIPdogs bandwagon while it is still fresh and exciting. You are to be credited for your uncanny trend-spotting acumen.

Manictastic - I reckon it was the (ready for this?) PUP-arazzi! Hahaha!

Mr. Sushi, what an excellent business idea. Plus you can always sell any left over dogs to McDonalds, or something.

Lord Andrew, truly, it sounds like she was a Hell Hound.

Stephanie said...

HAHA, suicide pact. I like this better than lolcats.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I H-A-T-E those stooopid LOLCATS...but THIS is actually very funny! (Nice pic of you too, I might add!) :)

(I actually had a "reviewer" at a blog directory that shall remain humorless, ooops!, I mean nameless...suggest that I should post MY photos in a similar fashion as LOLCATS....UGH - no WAY!!!)

GlossGreen said...

The whole LOLCats thing is way too popular, finally something to rival it. RIPDogs to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Wow. How'd you get the shot of the Chinese dissident before he ended up on the menu?

Natsthename said...

Way more fun than those damn cats!

Static said...

Oooers! Morbid.
Cats: 2, Dogs: 1

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I also missed this LOLcat craze while living in a cave. In fact, if this is what's been going on, I may go back to the cave. Everyone loves a good dead dog, though.

Sigg3 said...

Reminds me of one of Tony Sopranos' little sayings: "Let sleeping dogs lie."

But this is Absolutely Brilliant!
Now where did I put that dog?

Sigg3 said...

Although you have refined the exquisite art of dead dogs in what will be remembered as The Great RIPDog Era, I felt for the sake of history that I should share a picture I posted in September 2007 (made July 07) that shows the lovers of art around the world that RIPdogs didn't come from thin air. Like Rembrandt used to say: «It's a dogthang baby!»

Anyway, here it is, my I'm so sorry e-card from 2007.

Misty said...

"I have seen the future, and it is furry.


Also, RIPdogs, could be seen to be offensive and peurile.

Which is also excellent!

More of the same please!


Fanton said...

You are all marvellous and sexy to the point of climax, I tell you.


Pseudonymph said...

Very good. I will admit to perusing the pages of cheezburger to admire the antics of the lolcats, your site will now take pride of place in my morning clickage. For those that like the humour, try also

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Anyone interested in LOL3-leggeddogs?


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