Friday, 7 March 2008

Lighten Up!

Behold, loyal readers! A brave new era dawns upon Digital Sickbag, as we unveil are slightly new look!

Basically, all we did was change the background colour from black to white, and added a spiffy new header.

But still, it looks pretty good, yeah? To be honest, the old colour scheme was starting to depress me, as it felt like I was hiding in a darkened corner of the internet, like some kind of filthy pervert or something.

Now, it looks a lot brighter and more inviting, don't you think?


In other news, I hope to be launching another EXCELLENT website soon, destined to go down in history as the Greatest Thing Ever Made By Man, and fully justifying the creation of the internet.

Or it might just be stupid and filled with nob-gags.

UPDATE: here is a little promotional piece for the forthcoming New Site of Excellence:


Well, it seems like the future's going to be sticky, and full of sick.


- Fanton.


Stephanie said...

I just thought I'd comment to say that even though you only did a couple of changes it does look really great. I like it.

mandrill said...

Nice, much easier on those of us with less than perfect eyesight.

I am wondering however if you still blog on the Amstrad CPC464 you have in header image? I first learnt the frustration of computer use on one of those things, *sigh* happy days.

Anonymous said...

It looks really good

Fanton said...

Thanks for your words of kindness! All of them, even the verbs.

Oh, and Mandrill, I might as well be blogging on an old Amstrad, for all the good my current shit-box of a PC is doing. Gah!

Mark said...

Amstrad CPC464? Pah! I had the CPC6128!

With green screen monitor!

Lord Matt said...

The web is coming back to life. True spring is here.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared. very very scared

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Much better.


Fanton said...

Hey, Mark! I've been meaning to drop you neOnbubble guys a message, thanking you for the linkage to my (admittedly BRILLIANT) websites! Welcome! And thanks! And welcome!

And welcome back to YOU, Lord Matt! Hooray!

Nurse Myra: why so scared? Do little dogs terrify you? Or is it my handsome face? Or both, melded together in one ungodly whole?

Lord Andrew: thanks! And when are you gonna send me my review copy of your eBook? HMMM?