Thursday, 30 October 2008

A New Tenant For The Tardis

I knew this time would come. It was as inevitable as the changing of the seasons, as sure as night follows day. But I didn't expect it to be this sudden.

Yes, Sickbaggers, I am of course referring to the news that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, ending his four year stint as the titular timelord in the BBC's long-running sci-fi series.

I had hoped he might hold out for one series under Stephen Moffat's stewardship (the incoming show runner who previously penned excellent Who stories such as Silence in the Library and Blink), but it seems it is not to be. He will appear at The Doctor for five more specials to be broadcast over the next year and a bit, meaning there is just five, short hours of Tennant left to enjoy.

I know Tennant's tenancy of the TARDIS has divided opinion; the majority seem to love him and think he has really made the role his own, while the moaning minority seem to think he is a useless clown who has no place in such a serious-minded piece of powerful drama as Who. To the latter crowd I only have this irrefutable argument to offer: piss off, you tits.

I for one will miss David Tennant's Doctor immensely; I think he has done a bang-on job in balancing the comic with the dramatic, and it is not for nothing that he has become so popular with the audience. But equally I can quite understand his desire to move on before it is too late, and hope he gets to enjoy even bigger success hereafter.

I was going to do an hilarious 'Who Should Be The Next Who' post (what about Russell Brand? LOL! Or Bill Cosby? ROFFLE! Or a cat in a wig?) but quite frankly it is far too soon to be contemplating the next Doctor. The wounds are still raw, dammit.

Now let me be. I have some mourning to do.


- Fanton.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

An Extra Hour

So, the clocks went back one whole hour today, heralding the end of British Summer Time. Of course, most of us spent this extra time sleeping, but what else could you possibly do with an extra sixty minutes? As ever, Digital Sickbag has the answer!

  • Watch an entire episode of 60 Minutes.
  • Alternatively, watch two episodes of Hancock's Half Hour.
  • Bake a potato, then set the clock back, and marvel at how your food was ready in no time at all.
  • Refuse to set your watch back the one hour, but change all the rest of the clocks in the house, and then pretend you are a time traveller from the future visiting the past.
  • Boil twenty three-minute eggs, one after the other.
  • Watch part of a shitty film, read some of a rubbish book, or simply spend an hour doing something you don't like. Then, set the clocks back and be safe in the knowledge that you didn't waste any of your precious time doing those things.
  • Prepare for the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder by going out and buying loads of lamps and Prozac.
  • Before the clocks go back, go out and rob a store, or hot-wire a car or something, and then watch with glee as the time in which you committed your felony is wiped from history, allowing you to completely get away with your crime.
  • Make love. Thirty times.
  • Count to 216,000.
  • Go to Greenwich and be really mean to everyone there. It is Greenwich Mean Time now, after all.
  • Laugh smugly at people who have forgotten to set their clocks correctly, and revel in their bleary-eyed confusion as they wake up one hour too early.
  • Refuse to acknowledge the time change, and insist upon living in your own, personal time-zone.
  • Use the extra hour to finally update your crappy blog which you have been neglecting for the past three weeks.
What will YOU do with this extra hour, Sickbaggers?

- Fanton.

Friday, 3 October 2008

When Celebrities Collide

Do you like celebrities?

Of course you do. We all do. But do you, like me, worry that there are maybe too many celebrities in the world today, making it a little more difficult to spread the celeb-love equally to them all?

Thank the Maker, then, for Popmash.

Popmash is the genius creation of awesomely awesome animator Michael Whaite (who I have mentioned before, in equally gushing terms, here and here). The concept of Popmash is simple: take two celebrities and fling them together in a genetic tumble-dryer, and marvel at the freakish composite entity that pops out later.

Already Mike's Popmashing madness has led to two brilliant short cartoons; namely Bee Geesus and Mr. Benn-y Hill. Watch them, they're fab.

Recently Mike has been hard at work expanding his Popmash empire, resulting in a spiffy new web site with the added bonus that you can now purchase fine goods bearing the spliced-up celebrities' likenesses. Most excellently of all, this includes t-shirts, so now you can proudly display your love of two famous folk at once, whilst out and about leading your distinctly un-starry lives! HUZZAH!

Here's just a sample of some of the Popmash apparel you can now purchase:

Brilliant. Clearly, the Popmash phenomenon is only going to get bigger, so hop along to the website now, or directly to the Shopmash store, and snap yourself up some top-quality merchandise before everyone else does. That way you'll look waaaaay cool, and you'll probably get shagged heaps too.*

See you on the red carpet!

- Fanton.

*likelihood dependent on physical repulsiveness.