Saturday, 22 March 2008


Happy Easter, chums!

As the technology does not yet exist to send chocolate directly through wires and into your mouth, I'll have to give you this excellent Easter gift instead.


- Fanton

(The above animation was created by the egg-stremely talented Michael Whaite, a thoroughly good egg himself.)


Pseudonymph said...

You are correct in your assumption that it is impossible to send chocolate directly through wires and into our mouths. Like all chocloate, it goes directly through wires and onto our HIPS and BUMS.

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Loved it!

I crucified my chocolate bunny in support.


~Static~ said...

Geesus approved that message. said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha effin awesome. Found it better late than never :)

Fanton said...

It's the Easter gift that keeps on giving!

And unlike chocolate, there are no diarrhetic side-effects from over-consumption. HOORAY!