Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lord Likely: The Movie!

Yes, it's true. They really are making a Lord Likely movie, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and his mighty, award-winning moustache as the titular aristocrat. No, really! It's true! All true! ALL OF IT.

Well, alright then. So it isn't. You got me. Happy now? Sheesh. A man can dream, can't he?

Anyway, while it's true to say that Hollywood has not come calling, showering me in millions of dollars and expensive narcotics, I have still made a Lord Likely movie of sorts. And by 'sorts' I mean 'a short video on YouTube featuring incredibly limited animation'.

I didn't really set out to make the video, I just found myself with a few hours to spare and a sudden, unexpected burst of creative energy, and so I went ahead and made a little promotional trailer to advertise Lord Likely's (awesome) blog, The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely (which I write, in case any of you are slow on the uptake).

Despite the piece only lasting for forty-seven seconds, the video took hours to make, thanks to my stupid antiquated old PC crashing on me half-way through, and losing me a whole afternoon's work. Needless to say, I swore. A lot. If only I had a computer that was anywhere near hi-spec, I'd probably be ruling the entire internet by now. YES I WOULD.

So, without further ado, here comes the motion picture event of the year, cobbled together using a knackered old computer and a freebie paint package I got off of a magazine once. Behold and witness film-making at its most exemplary!

Whew! Was it good for you, too?

And Now For A Competition.

Actually, now that I've made that lovely poster up above, I've decided to start the very first Digital Sickbag competition, which I've cleverly entitled:

Lights, Camera, Blog!

To partake in this FABULOUS contest, all you need to do is to knock up a poster re-imagining your very own blog as a big-budget Hollywood movie, like the Lord Likely one up the top there. Who would you cast in the lead role of you? What would the tag-line be? What rating?
Go crazy, it's your fantasy after all.

Once you've put together a lovely film poster of Your Blog: The Movie, then post it on your own blog and leave a link in the comments section here, so I can go and have a look. Simple! Or you can email your finished masterpiece to andy fanton at google mail dot com and I'll have a look at it and laugh and laugh and laugh before consigning it to the recycle bin of doom. Maybe.

Don't worry about creating something incredibly polished and slick. You can throw together some random images in your paint package of choice, or doodle something on a napkin. It's up to YOU. All I'm looking for is something creative and funny. Naked breasts are an option worth considering, however.

The winner will receive either 200 Entrecard Credits, (if they are an Entrecard member, of course), or some other prize if they aren't. It'll probably be amazing. Amazingly cheap, that is.

PLUS! All participants will get a permanent link from this very blog which you are reading right now, with the winner also garnering a permanent link on the sidebars both here AND at (which receive thousands of visitors a week, and currently has a Google Page Rank of 4, for those who like to know these thing).

The closing date is, ooh, let's say the 20th February. I just picked that date completely at random, you know.

Man, that sounds like an awesome contest, if you ask me. You'd better get going.

HAVE FUN, and I'll see you AT THE MOVIES!

(I cannot believe I just said that).

- Fanton.

PS: If anyone wishes to send me a brand-new, completely excellent PC, I should like to let you know that I am not too proud to accept such a generous gift. Just so you know.


theoffendedblogger said...

Well I am in! Absolutely.

Fabulous idea.

In fact... it is an Absolutely Fabulous idea!!

Please, oh pretty please can I do mine as a British sitcom with two highly offensive women named Pats and Eddy?? What is the name of that one again?? :D

Qelqoth said...

The Cult of Qelqoth: Requiem


Rev. Jim Jones as Rev. Joseph Qelqoth
The People's Temple as Everyone Else
Kool-Aid as Itself

Bringing mass sucide and lulz to a theatre near you.

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Off topic:

I was watching Football Mundial the other day and discovered Harrow Football

the fore-runner to modern soccer and still played at Harrow.

Codified in 1865, I wonder if Lord Likely had anything to do with it and is there an erotic story behind Football as we know it?


P.S. My christian "burn in hell" remarks have been labelled SPAM at youtube. God forgive whoever was responsible.


kevin said...

That preview made me laugh, it made me cry, and it touched me in places I never thought I would be touched.

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

We've already submitted our entry via email! Could you please acknowledge receipt?

To be publogished soon.

The Old Tarf said...

Followed your comment from The Japing Ape- I was impressed with your adaptation of a classic. "Albert and Victoria".

You can definitely see; who had the head of the household was.

Fanton said...

Hello, hello, hello!

Offended Blogger: you can do anything you like! ANYTHING.

Qelqoth: I like it. I'm already queuing up at the cinema in anticipation. I might be her some time.

Lord Andrew: I don't see how there can be anything possibly erotic about men and their balls.

Kevin: I am always happy to touch you.

Roufa: I got your fine entry. You are ahead of the pack so far, I can tell you. (No-one else has submitted anything, the swines!)

Tarf: glad to meet you! God bless that damned ape. And thank you for your kind words. All of them.

- Fanton.

Beenzzz said...

The clip made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me touch myself in places....I mean, it touched me in, I'm not getting this right am I?

Greeneyezz said...


Funny clip, Lord Likely.

Hey...I typed that with only one hand!
(Don't ask me where my other one is.) ;)~~


Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Thanks, Andy, Sir. Well, we have updated our poster. We had forgotten to put our names on it! What can we say, vanity is not our biggest asset.

You may download the updated version from our Wednesday post.

Scaryduck said...

This, while the listen again button's still working:

Fanton said...


If you're aim was to make me all hot under the collar, then you ARE doing it right! Whew!

Greeneyez, I know you said not to ask, but I'm naturally, where IS the other hand, exactly?

Roufa, I have got your updated version now, thank you very much. Keep watching this space for the big draw! (May not actually be that big).

Scaryduck, you seem to have a knack for finding Victorian-based comedy, don't you? I really wanted to hate that, but it made me laugh. Damnation!

- Fanton.

Frog the Dog said...

Youchers, Mr Fanton, I've just dashed over here after seeing the superb poster on the Banananana Bblogg, and now I've seen your frogtastic movie poster, I REALLY want to join in!
Frogblogdoglog the movie has just been waiting its opportunity!
Would you be willing to hold the front page until after afternoon tea on the 20th ??
We need the time to get lots of sausage sandwiches and chocolate cake down our necks in order to feed our imaginations....

Fanton said...

I think I might extend the deadline to Friday-ish, as I have just realised I am going to be verrrry busy over the next three days.

So carry on!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

So we won't be able to see the results until after we're back next week! Good, we have time to prepare our acceptance speech.

Frog the Dog said...

Mr Fanton, you are a gentlemen, thank you :)

Banananna - prepare to be split!

Frog the Dog said...

Bananas, move over!
Or rather, Froglbogdoglog - 101 Frog Teds! is showing at a cinema near you now.
If Mr Fanton would be so kind....??
Find us here:

.45 said...

Had some free time today and thought I'd join in.

My contribution is here:

.45 Caliber

Grumpus said...

Geez, just looked at some others. Now I feel like the kid in school who always handed in their homework inexplicably filthy and crumpled.

Oh hell, how do you make a linky-thing?

Frog the Dog said...

Does anyone else think that Fanton is just pretending to be ill to put off the judging a bit longer???

Karen said...

Me Too! Me Too! Please.

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