Sunday, 17 February 2008

Happy Moranismas, Everyone!

Forget Valentine's Day, Pancake Day and Easter ruddy Sunday. There is only one festival worth celebrating at this time of year - Moranismas.

Moranismas is an annual celebration of Canadian comic and movie actor Rick Moranis, a celebration concocted by my good self and my best chum, Stu Munro (see here to witness some of Stu's brilliant web-comics, by the way!) Every February 17th, Stu and I get together and indulge in a festival of all things Rick, by watching back-to-back Moranis movies while chugging down beers and filling our faces with donuts (the preferred food and drink of the McKenzie brothers in the Rick Moranis-penned film, Strange Brew). It truly is a most magical of days.

I can't quite recall how this special day came about, but I'm guessing that large quantities of alcohol were involved in its genesis, alongside our life-long passion for the diminutive, nerdy actor and his fine body of work; including celluloid classics like Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs and Head Office.

Actually, forget Head Office. That one's rubbish.

So, we thought it was high-time Moranis was given his own day, a yearly opportunity for us to stop and contemplate the majesty of Moranis, and give thanks for all his films. That was about seven or eight years ago now, and we're still doing it.

Yes, we probably do need some sort of a life.

Anyway, join us in celebrating all things Rick Moranis, by watching a Rick Moranis film tonight or somewhen this week, and pause and reflect on just how excellent Moranis is. Or, if you're on Facebook (and who isn't? Rick Moranis, probably. He's too cool for Facebook) then take a moment to partake in the Rick Moranis Rules! movie quiz which I created. Or just suffix your sentences with a simple 'eh' all day, to recreate the Moranis experience in your own home.

Come one, come all! Hail to the hoser! Moranis be praised! Happy Moranismas, everyone!

- Fanton.

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GorillaSushi said...

Moranis redefined "bumbling" for my generation and thousand of future generations. Rest in peace, sweet prince...