Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008: A Space Oddity

New Year's Resolutions never sit well with me, as I usually either forget that I've made them, or fail to adhere to them (he says, puffing away on a cigarette).

However, there is one resolution I would really like to keep, and that is to get this made into something:

Ever since my first attempt at developing an animated series - The Carrotty Kid - slipped into development hell, and then development limbo, I've been eager to try and turn my hand to a fresh, new project. I'd preferably like to work alongside the excellent and ridiculously talented Michael Whaite, with whom I had the moist pleasure of working with on The Carrotty Kid's pilot episode, and who also knocked up the nifty poster you see above. Good isn't, he?

Hence Jet Pets, the story of a group of animal test-subjects blasted into space as part of a scientific experiment. However, the test goes distinctly awry when the pets' craft slips into a black hole, spewing the hapless crew out half-way across the universe. Can the Jet Pets find their way home again, or are they doomed to be lost in space FOREVER?

Whether this time around I'll be more successful in getting something made, or whether I'll once again crash and burn like a drunkard left in charge of a zeppelin, I do not know. But you've got to try, haven't you?

Haven't you?

- Fanton.


Chris said...

Looks amazing Fanton, my kids ran to the computer asking who was who :)

Qelqoth said...

I likee. Quite a lotee.

Beenzzz said...

I think the premise is brilliant! I quite like it and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Fanton said...

Thank you, lady and gentleman!

I have to agree, it IS excellent. I just hope that we can do something with it! Of course, I'll keep you all posted RIGHT HERE.

Well, not here in the comments. THAT'D BE CRAZY.

Thanks again!

- Fanton.

Chris C said...

Looks awesome! Can't wait :)

Scaryduck said...

Looks great. Give the cat girl bigger norks and you'll have a winner.